Mark and Bronwen
Hello & Welcome
Taking care of our environment and nature was instilled in my upbringing.
My father (author, teacher, historian and well known naturalist and the Queen’s “OA” recipient) and with my nursing sister mother made a very strong combination and the house was never short of sick or injured animals to tend to and hand rear.

By the age of 10 I had a collection of dog books which still keeps on growing. My ambition of owning a bulldog however was realised when I met Mark whose parents came from a farming community and we purchased our first bulldog together from Korrina Kennels in 1982 when our Bullyack Kennels was founded.
For the last 30 years we have been situated on 1½ acres in Adelaide, South Australia.

Mark became the main “exhibitor” and “groomer” and we share the puppy rearing. The love and passion we share for this breed has really enriched our lives throughout our journey.
We would like to recognise the help and advice from
Craigrossie Kennels
, Sinco Kennels and more recently
Karazma Kennels
. The on-going help and knowledge from
Fay of Shyola Kennels
has been unequalled and very much appreciated.
Over the years we have been lucky enough to have taken 4 trips to the UK and attended Crufts and many Bulldog shows.

We have imported a dog and a bitch from there and have bred and owned many Champions, Three Grand Champions and one Supreme Champion. We’ve won multi-Best in Shows, runner-up in Shows and classes in All-breeds dog Shows & Breed Shows and multi Best in Specialty Shows. We have also imported frozen semen from the UK.

One of many highlights was winning best in show at the South Aust. British Bulldog Club Centenary Show under Judge Mr. Kevin Davis (Mystyle Kennels) in 2007. More recently, winning Runner-up best in show at the Adelaide Royal Show with 2619 entries under Judges Mr K Johannson & Mr K Edh in 2013, Best in Show the Northern British Bulldog Club of NSW this year under Judge Mrs Sue Garside (Iceglint Kennels).

Both of us are Life-members of the British Bulldog Club of South Australia and Lefevre Kennel Allbreeds Club. Mark is currently President of both clubs and I hold committee positions and have done the Club magazine for the Bulldog club for nearly 30 years.

Mark and I are currently trainee judges for Group 7 non-sporting, judging four open shows between us over the past 12 months. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning the breed standards and forming new relationships with likeminded people. We have a greater appreciation for other breeders, exhibitors and judges and look forward to qualifying.
We are happy to announce our daughter Charlene has joined our kennels and helps rear and exhibit our dogs.
Good health in our dogs is of the utmost importance and we are very dedicated to breed to the standard without compromising soundness or temperament
Glad you have chosen to enter our web-site and hope you will continue and enjoy part of our world......